Principal's Message

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We are partners in the success of our students!
At Ravenswood Middle School we believe that all students can develop the habits of success like: perseverance, resourcefulness, responsibility, and empathy all qualities that will help them in their future. We ultimately desire for students to develop into quality people who create meaningful lives for themselves and make a difference in the lives of others.
The RMS staff encourages and guides students to become critical thinkers who produce quality work. We have set the expectations of our student body very high and will continue to use mentoring as a method to support our students in every aspect of their lives.
We honor and value all of our students and their families; we will reach our goal in preparing our students for high school only through the support of the school community and the community of East Palo Alto.  
It is a privilege for me, as the Ravenswood Middle School Principal, to partner with staff members, students and their families in continuing to shape a safe, responsible, and respectful school that is full of life, energy, and productivity.

It’s great to have the pride of a Lion!
Ryan Hughes